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  • Curtain lifted on students’ development symposium & 4th Campus Network Cultural Festival

    Posted: 2018-06-09   Visits: 102


    On June 1, the Symposium on “All-round Development of Students in the Era of Dducation Informatization 2.0” and the 4th Campus Network Cultural Festival kicked off in Siming Campus, Xiamen University. Present at the symposium were Zhu Minglun, director of Yiban Development Center of the Ministry of Education, Zhou Lingbo, vice president of Micky Data Co., Ltd, as well as heads of the departments of student affairs and network information of 25 universities from within and without Fujian Province, including Central China Normal University, Fuzhou University, Fujian Normal University, etc. and relevant responsible persons from China Telecommunications Corporation and Fujian Telecom Company Limited. Under the guidance of Yiban Development Center of the Ministry of Education, the Institute of Big Data of Fujian Digital Higher Education and Xiamen Municipal Party Committee, this event was hosted by Xiamen Association of University Counselors and the Students Affairs Department of XMU Party Committee.


    In the afternoon of the same day, three sub-forums were organized around the topics of “Informatization of school-based students’ affairs”, “Promotion and construction of Yiban”, “Big data and students’ development” respectively, and the representatives from Quanzhou Normal University, Liming Vocational University, etc. presented their thematic reports separately. Following the group discussion, the delegates of the symposium participated in such fun activities as the road show of the 4th Campus Network Cultural Festival and the debates of the demonstrative network cultural studio. Thereupon they spoke highly of the achievements XMU has attained in the construction of its network culture, expressing their intentions to explore new ideas and new initiatives with regard to the all-round development of students in the era of education informatization 2.0 and build a novel talent training mode under the “Internet Plus” conditions.


    Edited by :Guo Yanfu